Staff Page

The Boss

This man is Johnny. He's hype. He don't show it though. He's pretty dope and a hard worker. He is in charge of making sure everything remains on schedule. He does a very good job and we are lucky to have him. He owns the business.

Construction Team Manager

This man is Bob. He's kinda mean sometimes. He just wants work to get done though. He's pretty cool when you're not on the job.

Construction Team

This man is Josh. He's hype. He lifts things for us. He didn't go to college, but that's okay. You don't need a college degree for everything. He is happy without one. He does a great job moving things for us.

Inventory Manager

This nice lady is Michelle. She's hype. She makes sure we have enough materials for (and sets up) jobs. She is the backbone of the company. Without her, we would go out of business.